Recovery: Hope Changes Everything

MSS is excited to distribute the video, Recovery: Hope Changes Everything.

Also there is the "Recovery-Oriented Practice Video Discussion Guide." The Guide was created to compliment the provincial recovery video developed by the Manitoba Schizophrenia Society in partnership with the Provincial Recovery Champions Committee, Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, and Manitoba Health, Seniors, and Active Living.

The purpose of this Guide is to provide viewers with ideas for using the Recovery: Hope Changes Everything video to enhance their own understanding of recovery and to support others to learn more about recovery and recovery-oriented services. The guide has five main subsections to target specific user groups: service providers, people with lived experience, families & natural supports, policy makers & leaders, community members, and schools.

This guide is best used in group settings where discussion can flourish, but can also be used individually to reflect on your own ideas about recovery and recovery-oriented practice.

Thank you for your continued involvement in the movement towards creating a recovery oriented mental health system and services!

Recovery-Oriented Practice Video Discussion Guide