What is the Reaching Out Program?

  • A complete, easy to teach educational program specially created for Canadian youth. The mental health resources are fully available in both English and French, and do not require that educators have prior knowledge of mental illness.
  • An ideal awareness and learning resource for students in Grades 7-12. "Reaching Out" allows educators to empathetically expose young people to the sensitive topic of mental health in Canada by providing them with real tools for helping others.
  • Its use of simple and clear language also promises to improve the understanding of schizophrenia amongst teachers, counselors, parents, coaches, and other responsible adults in a teenager's/young adult's life.
  • Features a 20 minute video and full teacher resource kit all designed to improve understanding of what is schizophrenia and assist in early intervention and treatment. For optimal effectiveness, it should be presented over two class periods, but is adaptable to other settings as well.
    • Professionally produced "docu-drama" featuring students encountering schizophrenia and how they cope, as well as short interviews with individuals on their path of mental health recovery, who are successfully living with this illness
    • Student role playing scenarios
    • Participative classroom quizzes and other interactive activities designed to generate discussion and correct misconceptions, thus reducing mental disorders stigma
    • FAQ's (frequently asked questions)
    • A host of other background resource materials, web links and referral sources

Your support of the "Reaching Out" program will encourage students, teachers and other school personnel to gain a greater awareness and understanding of what is schizophrenia and mental health in Canada in general. This will result in more young people getting the early diagnosis and treatment they desperately need to lead a full and productive life.